Carpal Tunnel Operation

Hello everyone!  

First off let me say I hope everyone is safe and your love ones as well. Have we all been through a roller coaster ride or what!!   I miss you all and miss performing so much.  These are trying times and like all other business's the music industry has been hurt drastically.  My life is playing music and because of covid most all my shows have been cancelled.  I have never been off for this many months ever.  In some ways it has been a blessing which allowed me to catch up on writing and recording my own music. And rest my weary hands and voice.  So stay tuned for that. I promise ill have something for you all to hear soon. Stage 3 has allowed me to perform a couple times recently and this was fantastic to get back at it.  Hoping this continues and we get a resurgence of live music fans supporting us.

 For those who don't know I've recently also had a Carpal Tunnel operation. A long over due operation that I should have done years ago.  I guess playing guitar over 40 years catches up with you eventually lol. With that being said I'm in recovery mode right now but will resume my playing schedule in Nov..  Im anxious to get back and perform to my fullest ability. Having carpal for 20 years now has hindered my ability greatly. With this operation I feel ill be back playing like I was in my early days. Flying around on my guitar and pain free.

New shows added for Nov and it will be my first time playing since this carpal tunnel operation. Im very excited to get back to the live music. I have a new room ill be playing called The Peacock lounge in Essex as well as another great venue called Frendz in Chatham Ontario. Join me at either location its going to be great to play for everyone again. New shows will be added shortly. Stay well everyone and ill see you very soon. 

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