My story

Hello my name is Mark Chichkan im a lead singer, and lead guitarist born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. I got my first guitar at the age of 7.  I started making money with my guitar and playing clubs when I was 15.  After high school I landed  my first job at a car plant.  It lasted just over 2 years before I auditioned for and landed my first national act called Mindstorm on Aquarius records. . They had their first album out on a major label and I was basically a hired gun for lead guitar on there upcoming tour.   We toured extensively throughout Canada and I then went on to record there 2nd album which featured members from legendary Canadian band and multi platinum selling "April Wine".  

After this project folded I was picked up by the former management company of Mindstorm and Helix and asked if id like to record and tour doing my own music.  Of course I did and went out again touring for a year straight doing 6 nights a week doing a mixture of my own songs and covers.  I lived the typical struggling artist life with little money and barely enough to eat.   This band folded after a grueling schedule of performing and not enough direction from management.    I then came home back to Windsor and started playing around the Windsor/Detroit area.   Teaching and playing music whenever I could.  I then got another call from my former manager asking if id like to go on tour again.  This time as a hired gun for gold and platinum selling band Helix from Canada.  I said yes again and off I went. 

I was with Helix for close to 5 years playing lead guitar and touring with the band. We went all over Canada and back many times.  I ended up playing on 2 albums with Helix.  "Half Alive" and "B sides"  A song I wrote entitled  "Wrecking Ball"   which was later co-written by the other members was used on the album "Half alive"   We also shot a video for one of the songs off this album but it never got released.   Then on another of Helixs albums I had another one of my songs placed called "Devils Gate" from the album "B sides". I played on another track called "Take it or leave it " also on B sides.  

After my time with Helix I went on to play back in my hometown of Windsor and continued playing for a living every weekend.  I then formed a band called "Bombsquad"  and we concentrated mostly on casinos and corporate and festival work.    This was really the only way to make a decent living playing music live in a band anymore.  So it was a logical move to do music that would cater to a diverse crowd and appeal to all ages which is what casinos cater to.  The Bombsquad is a very diverse band able to play most any type of music.  From rock n roll, motown, soul and disco and todays latest hits.  It was and continues to be a very popular band for festivals and corporate as well as weddings and most any event you need a high energy band to kick your party in gear.   Bombsquad play on both sides of the border regularly at all the area casinos. Bombsquad was also given the great honor of singing the national anthem for the Detroit Tigers on 2 separate occasions.  An incredible moment both times.   And we've opened for some nationals along the such as "Hermans Hermits"  and "Blues Traveler" , "War"  just to name a few.   The band has now been together 18 years with no member changes and we still play both sides of the border regularly.  Another very proud moment in my career came in 2012  when my life as a musician in my hometown of Windsor was forever celebrated when I was honored with an induction into the Windsor/Essex county  musicians hall of fame.  A moment I'll never forget.  

My life as a musician keeps me busy as I have a few projects on the go all the time. I currently have 4 bands I play in around the Windsor/Detroit area.  The United Snakes and Bombsquad. As well as 80's inc a tribute to the 80's and Riot House.   The links for The Bombsquad and United Snakes can be found on my home page here.  I also play solo acoustic shows and can bring a duo if required. Or other accompaniment. I play several times a month both sides of the border with all my acts. I have a vast repertoire of material to choose from therefore allowing me to play most any function requested of me.  I have played with many national acts throughout the years on the biggest stages in the world.   Some of those acts to name a few are...  Trooper, Peter Criss (kiss), Georgia Satellites, Honeymoon suite,  Headpins, Harlequin,  Humble Pie,  Foghat,  Randy Bachman, and many many more.  My experiences playing music with these superstars and my many experiences performing throughout the years have shaped me and molded me into the performer I have become. I constantly strive for perfection in my pursuit of being the consummate entertainer I long to be.   Im a passionate performer and give 100% every time I step on a stage.   I hope with all you've read you'll take a chance on coming to see me or my bands perform. Until then... See you on a stage somewhere.